//REDO// Of all the Blanchards in this pedigree line, the least is known about Stephen.  The information below has been gleaned from the Internet, and it was provided by other researchers.  As usual, there are a few inconsistencies among the different versions, so it’s difficult to know what information is the most authoritative and accurate and what isn’t.  But there are some common facts, so what is included here is a synthesis of several accounts, and it may not be completely accurate.  

     The date of Stephen Blanchard’s birth was January 8th.  The year of his birth, depending on which calendar is used and whose information is more accurate, was 1701, 1702 or 1703.  He was born in Andover, Essex County, Massachusetts.  He was the seventh of seven children of Jonathan Blanchard and his first wife Anne Lovejoy Blanchard. 

     On August 10, 1724, Stephen married Deborah Phelps at Andover.  They both would have been around 21 or 22 years old at the time.

     Stephen and Deborah had ten children, all born in Andover:

            Deborah, born February (or March) 26, 1724/25

            Stephen, born August 9, 1726

            Mary, born June 4, 1728

            Nathan, born March 30, 1730

            Dinah, born December 28, 1731

            James, born December 5, 1733

            Annis, born June 26, 1736

            Jonathan, born March 8, 1737/38

            David, born April 10, 1740

            Jacob, born March 28, 1743.

     It looks like their first child, Deborah, was born only six or seven months after her parents’ marriage.  And at least two of Stephen and Deborah’s children died young – Annis at age 13 in 1749 and Jacob at age 9 in 1752.

     One source says Stephen was a yeoman and lived in the West Parish of Andover.  Another source says his occupation was farmer.  He lived in what probably in the late 1800s was known as the Charles Shattuck house.

     On March 13, 1734, Stephen’s father, Jonathan, gave him land in Andover for the parental love which he felt for the “many Good Services which he has Done Me in time past.”  And in 1742 Jonathan sold Stephen land for £500 in hand and secured by bonds.

     Stephen’s father, Jonathan, made out his will in August 1742 and died two months later. 

There’s an indication in the will that Jonathan had already given some land to Stephen.  He also specified that Stephen would get “the Billerica meadow, upper Leviston lot,” and furthermore that Stephen was to pay £5 to certain of his (Jonathan’s) grandchildren.  Stephen also was to share “all moveables” with his brothers Jonathan and Benjamin.

     It’s unclear whether what follows below is the correct Stephen Blanchard, but Charlotte Helen Abbott included the following note about a 1759 deed in her “Early Records of the Blanchard Family of Andover”:

     113:198 – Stephen Blanchard of Andover, husbandman, for 60 Lbs. to Ebenezer Rand of Chalemsford, cordwainer, land W side of Shawshin, near Stephen Blanchard’s and a house – 27 acres – joins Moses Haggett – W of it – NW line on Road from Stephen Blanchard, Jr. to Thomas Blanchard – NE line runs on Stephen Blanchard’s land and begins on E corner on Jos. Burtt.

1759rec’d 1765.                                                      (David and Aaron Blanchard)

     Stephen made out his will on April 28, 1766.  A summary of the will appears in “Early Records of the Blanchard Family of Andover” by Charlotte Helen Abbott.  It’s interesting, because through the things Stephen bequeathed, one gets a tiny glimpse into what possessions of value he had and what his life might have been like.  This is how Ms. Abbott paraphrased the will (her date of death for Stephen differs from what is above):

     345:220-232 – Will of Stephen (4) Blanchard (who d. Jan. 2, 1769 – widow Deborah Phelps): - To Debora, E end of house I have bought of son Stephen (5) – cellar to top of chimney, and all privileges while she remains a widow;  room in barn;  3 cows;  fodder in winter;  1/3 land and meadow;  house goods, except loom and tackle and cider bbls.,  and large grain chests.  She may have 2 cider bbls., and has the right to give stuff to her daughter, as she chooses or divide to the rest, at her death.  Riding horse and best cow, and son James is to keep them and find fodder;  10 lbs. lambs’ wool;  10 lbs. flax;  5 bu. Corn;  5 of rye;  12 cords of wood.

     To son James, land and meadows in Andover and Tewksbury;  brutes, tools and tackle, handicraft tools;  loom and tackle.

     To son Stephen, 20 sh. added to his portion.  To Nathan, 13 Lbs. 6 sh. 8 d. – and same to Jonathan and David.  To Debora, Dina and Mary, 4 Lbs. each.  Clothes to Nathan, Jonathan and David.  The rest to James, ex. 

April 28, 1766.                                                Ben More;  Joshua Holt;  Thos. Abbott

Probate, Feb. 7, 1769.

     Stephen died January 8, 1769, at Andover.  He was 66 or 67 years old.  He had resided his entire life in Andover.  After he died, his estate was inventoried at a value of 486 pounds, 16 shillings, 11 pence, 2 farthings.  In “Early Records of the Blanchard Family of Andover,” Charlotte Helen Abbott listed an inventory of Stephen’s will as follows:

     Inventory of Will of Stephen (4) Blanchard.  Feb. 10, 1769.Land and building(s?) 300 Lbs.;  Billerica meadow, Wood Hill swamp;  clothes - best and meaner - blue coat and jacket;  black cloth;  colored - mixt - linen cape - worsted cape - blue wool hose - blue yarn hose - leggings - mittens of yarn - gloves - shoes - leather apron - firelock.   (Geo. Abbott;  Zeb Abbott;  Zeb Holt)

Inventory sworn in.  James was sick, and at home.)

     (“Mean,” when referring to clothing, means poor or shabby.)

     Stephen’s wife Deborah died in early 1777.  She had made a will in Andover on December 20, 1775, and her will was proved on May 6, 1777.

     It is currently not known where Stephen and Deborah are buried.